How North North Jersey are you?

New Jersey is one of the smallest states, yet has one of the largest populations. And so it turns out that North Jerseyans and South Jerseyans are distinctly different from one another.

There are many many North Jerseyans, and quite a few North Jersey quizzes. But North Jersey stretches from as far up as High Point, and as far down the shore as Island Beach park. So, lets see who is from the northern part of North Jersey.

Created by: Mar
  1. What do you call that sandwich on a long narrow roll?
  2. Which parkway exit would you use to get home
  3. where would you go to shop on a Sunday
  4. Who has the best pizza?
  5. We already mentioned that in the old days, all of North Jersey was area code 201. What is your area code now?
  6. The Continental Arena used to be called
  7. Which of these stores is near you?
  8. Anyone who knows anything about North Jersey knows we go "down the shore". Which of these shore points do you like best?
  9. What do the locals down the shore call us?
  10. Which of these applies to you?
  11. All of these guys are from my home state except
  12. Okay, let's do some pronunciations: Wanaque
  13. Moonachie
  14. Hawthorne
  15. What do you call the night before Halloween?

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Quiz topic: How North North Jersey am I?