How North-North Jersey are you?

We have taken quizzes about New Jersey before. But with over 8 million New Jerseyans out there, most of them from North Jersey, we need to find the North North Jersey people as opposed to those who could be considered Central Jersey.

Are you a true North North Jersey guy/girl? If so, you know where to get the best pizza and subs, and you live close to several malls! And if you are over 40, you remember crossing that state line for your favorite beverage before you turned 19. Take this quiz to see how North North you really are!

Created by: JerseyQuizMaker
  1. What exit? (If you don't understand, fugedabout this quiz)
  2. Can you see the New York City skyline?
  3. Which of these shopping centers is open on Sunday?
  4. You go to a department store and buy the following items (with cash): jeans: $29.99, shoes $ 49.99, earrings $ 9.99. How much will you pay altogether?
  5. Which is not a college?
  6. Which one of these do you think has the best pizza?
  7. Okay, now to check your pronunciation.......... Hawthorne
  8. Secaucus
  9. Parsippany
  10. The Continental Airlines Arena used to be called
  11. Have you ever seen a fight in your school cafeteria or local bar over the Giants/Jets game?
  12. I know at least a half dozen guys named:
  13. Do any of the characters from The Sopranos remind you of someone you know
  14. Which of these will not get you from NJ to the city?
  15. Which of these is not in NJ?
  16. Are there any farm animals near you?
  17. What is your area code?

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Quiz topic: How North-North Jersey am I?