How Central New Jersey are you?

Recently, there have been North Jersey, New Jersey, and South Jersey quizzes. Now, to muddy up the picture even MORE, here is a Central Jersey quiz. So take, come, see, conquer, and enjoy!

If you're a Jersey guy or a Jersey girl, and you don't really fit in with the North or the South, why not try the Center? It's a lovely portion of this fair state of New Jersey.

Created by: Ricky Rabinowitz
  1. Who was a Rutgers football star recently?
  2. Which exit are you at?
  3. Which Shore Point is closer to you?
  4. What routes run in the same basic directions as each other?
  5. Have you been to the mall lately? If so, what mall?
  6. Have you ever had a fat sandwich at the grease trucks?
  7. True or False: You have at least one Jewish or Italian (or Indian or even Hispanic) friend.
  8. Do you know where the following are: East Brunswick, New Brunswick, Princeton, Rutgers, Sayreville, Monroe Township, Jamesburg, Trenton, and Piscataway?
  9. Which of the following has a train station?
  10. Which train station are you closest to?
  11. Where are the bars at?

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Quiz topic: How Central New Jersey am I?