How London Are You?

A lot of people live in London. A lot of people visit London. A lot of people were born in London but find themselves living at the far-flung corners of the world.

Have you ever wondered just how London you really are? Take a chance on this totally biased towards my idea of a Londoner quiz, set by LiveForTheMusik.

Created by: LiveForTheMusik
  1. You are in the suburbs and planning a night out in central London. Someone asks you where you are going, what is your most likely response?
  2. You want to get some christmas shopping done in London. Where will you go?
  3. Manchester is ....
  4. Where would you find the best ruby?
  5. What do you call the London Underground Railway?
  6. You are going to a west end film premiere. Which of these stations would be the best place to get off the train?
  7. You are in the west end and you want to get to the city using the central line. Your best bet is to get on a train with a destination of .....
  8. The London Eye is .....
  9. "The North" means anywhere beyond ....
  10. Big Ben is ....
  11. What would you most likely do with Red Rockin'?
  12. Danny Baker is ....
  13. The houses of parliament can be found where?
  14. Who or What is affectionately referred to as the 'old lady of threadneedle street' ?
  15. What is the affectionate name for the rail connection between Bank and Waterloo?
  16. The newest skyscraper in the city is known, because of its shape, as ...
  17. What is the tallest building in the city?
  18. What colour is the circle line on the London Underground map?

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Quiz topic: How London am I?