Which Suite Life Charactar are you???

You can be Zack Martin, Cody Martin, London Tipton, or Maddie Saintpatrick. If you have never seen the show then Zack and Cody are brothers and London is the WAY opposite of Maddie.

They are kind of alike. Zack and London are alike and Cody and Maddie are alike. All you have to do is watch the show and you will know what i mean. That is all i can tell you so please take the quiz.

Created by: zoey

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  1. If you had a test in 2 days, and your friend called and asked for you to go to a party, what would you say??
  2. would you rather have a brother or sister?
  3. If you got 100 dollars for your 3 month allowance, and a new wii game was coming out today, would you go to the store right away to buy it??
  4. If you were planning to go to a friend's party on the weekend and got a C on your last test and found out that you were grounded would you still go???
  5. If a kiddish movie was coming out and your little brother or sister wanted to see it and your mom and dad said that you had to go what would you do??
  6. Who would you rather go to the movies with??
  7. If you won a stay at disney for 3 days with 1 adult and 4 other people, would you take the rest of your family or your friends.
  8. who do you want to be??
  9. who is your second choice??
  10. do you like this quiz??

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Quiz topic: Which Suite Life Charactar am I???