London Trivia and History Quiz

Most people have heard of London and many know at least a little about the city... but who is a don when it comes to London factoids... who knows this stuff?

Are you a Londoner or are you just nuts about the city? In a short while you will know how much you know about this huge bustling city 2000 years old.

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. Where is Kenwood House?
  2. What will Crossrail be called when fully operating?
  3. Where is Nelson's Column?
  4. What road number is the North Circular designated?
  5. What is the Limehouse Link?
  6. Which one of these is a market in the London Borough of Havering in east London?
  7. Which Premier League football team plays their home games at The London Stadium?
  8. Which year was the Great Fire of London?
  9. What does the slang expression Old Bill mean?
  10. What was the LCC?
  11. Where do ferries take vehicles and pedestrians across the Thames?
  12. Where is the eastern terminus of the District Line?
  13. What is the Shard?
  14. What is Hamley's?
  15. Who were the Krays?
  16. What does TfL stand for?
  17. What do Cab Drivers have to do to get their badge?
  18. Which tube line is Cockfosters at the end of?
  19. Which London Borough is Ilford in?
  20. In which park is London Zoo?
  21. In which London Borough is Bromley?
  22. Which is the largest airport serving London?
  23. What is a quid?
  24. Where do Fulham Football Club play their home games?
  25. What is Wormwood Scrubs?
  26. Which London Borough is Watford in?
  27. Which year did West Ham United last win the FA Cup?
  28. How many fire stations are there in the London Borough of Havering?
  29. What road number is the Westway designated?
  30. In rhyming slang, what is a Barnet?
  31. The Tower of London is next to which bridge?
  32. What is the Limehouse Cut?
  33. What is Gallows Corner?
  34. Where is Electric Avenue?
  35. In which London Borough is the Isle of Dogs?
  36. In what year was the Broadwater Farm riot in which a policeman was hacked to death?
  37. What is the BIGGEST park in London?
  38. The pop group East Seventeen were named after what?
  39. What is the Gherkin?
  40. In which year was the Metropolitan Police formed?
  41. What is the Old Bailey?
  42. In which year was the teenager Stephen Lawrence murdered in southeast London?
  43. In which year did the England football team win the World Cup at Wembley?
  44. What road number is the South Circular designated?
  45. Where is Parliament Hill?
  46. Generally what colour are London Buses?
  47. Where do the London Mayor and London Assembly usually meet to discuss running London?
  48. Which part of east London is outside the M25?

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