Facts of London Quiz 3

This is the third in a series of London quizzes. This is a proper quiz. None of your "Where does the Queen live?" or "What is the river called?" nonsense, you know. But there are a load of (well, 10) unusual, little known and amazing facts about London for you to remember and entertain* your friends and family with. (*bore).

If you pass this quiz with 100% : simply print out the results page, show it to the ticket staff at any Zone 1 or 2 Underground station and receive free travel on train and buses for the next 7 days*. (*this is absolutely not true).

Created by: smax
  1. The Beatles last gig was famously on the roof of the Apple building in January 1969. In which London Road?
  2. In Tottenham Court Rd, January 1816: what killed at least 8 people, destroyed two houses and demolished the wall of a pub?
  3. The Black Death hit England in the 1340's. Roughly what % of the London population were killed?
  4. London was the first city to hold a million people. When?
  5. In 1762 Lord Sandwich, annoyed at being unable to gamble while he ate, invented the sandwich. In which London Pub did he eat the world's first sandwich?
  6. In 1911 the first escalator in the UK was opened in Earl's Court station. People were scared of using it. According to legend, Who or What was employed to go up and down to show the public that it was safe?
  7. What did Hackney (Black) cabs have to carry by law until 1976?
  8. Where did the British Prime Minsters Benjamin Disraeli, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown live?
  9. When was smoking banned in the Houses of Parliament?
  10. How much of the London Underground network is actually underground?

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