The Tower Of Londen

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Our quiz is about the tower of London. It's about the things you can do there, the things you will see. About it's history and it's legends.

Within two weeks we go to London with our classmates. And we have to prepare our trip with the help of this quiz. There are a lot af strange questions, with funny answers. We hope you will enjoy it!

Created by: Cecilia
  1. Who began to build a massive stone tower at the centre of his Lonon fortress?
  2. Why are there a lot of tourist coming to visit the tower of London?
  3. Which animals have lived in the tower?
  4. What was the use of the towers at the beginning?
  5. In which language is the audio guide not available?
  6. What is there for children?
  7. When was the last execution in the tower?
  8. What is the legend of the tower?
  9. How can you explore the towers as a family?
  10. What is the closing day?

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