Facts of London Quiz

There follows some questions about London and its history. It's pretty unlikely that you will know most, or any, of these answers. But by the time you have finished; you will.

Questions included cover: heights of things, names of things, dates of things, more names of things and, erm, where prostitutes would hang out in 18th century London.

Created by: smax
  1. Who named the river Thames?
  2. In which year was the first St Paul's Cathedral built?
  3. The London Underground's first journey was in 1863 (Jack the Ripper could have used it!). Between which two stations was the first journey?
  4. Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident, was murdered by the KGB having just crossed Waterloo Bridge in 1978. How?
  5. What was "Dick's Long House"?
  6. On the 25th and 31st of March, 1763 Boswell picked up prostitutes in which London Park?
  7. Every building in the John Nash designed Regent Street is listed (protected) even though none (except All Soul's Church) are original. When was the Street finished?
  8. The world's first public street lights were turned on in 1807. Where?
  9. How tall is Admiral Nelson at the top of his column?
  10. St Thomas' hospital was renamed that in which year?

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