Natural History Quiz

When you go to Londen, you certainly have to see the most famous and most interesting museum of the entire world: the Natural History museum! We want to show people how beautiful this museum actually is.

Do you ever want to see a dinosaur in real-life? Are you interested in history and do you want to know more about the museum and its collection? Do this quiz and have fun!

Created by: Yentl Van der Wee
  1. When did the natural history museum first open its doors to the public?
  2. How many items or specimens are gathered over 400 years for the life and earth science collections of the museum?
  3. From 11 February till 2 October 2011 there is an exhibition, how is this exhibition called?
  4. Which game can kids play on this site?
  5. The museum is home to:
  6. The blue whale is
  7. The founder of the Natural History Museum is
  8. 90% of all meteorites found come from...
  9. The Natural History Museum holds a collection of approximately... human remains.
  10. Which one is wrong? In total, there are:

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