The Crazed AI test

Throughout history evil computers have attempted to take over the world. From antiquity to the present day, no greater menace has faced mankind than megalomaniacal computers, capable of independent thought and obsessed with efficiency.

This natural aspect of the human condition has thus worked its way into our cultural conciousness, via art and entertainment. See which of these sinister machines you most resemble!

Created by: Maximumfish
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  1. You wake up. It's the weekend. Choose your adventure.
  2. You get home from work and find that your pet hamster, Kirk Douglas, is not feeling well; listing about, shaking feverishly and not eating. Your response?
  3. It's Thursday and you have a project due for review on Friday. You are waiting on feedback from three people, but none have responded. How do you deal with it?
  4. You marry and have children. They are:
  5. You're talking with a man from Toledo in a Chicago bar, the conversation becomes heated, you step outside, one thing leads to another and he ends up with the upper 3/5 of a Samual Adams in his larnyx. What now?
  6. Your favorite food, from the following:
  7. A bizarre series of circumstances necessitates the deaths of 3,000 random people. Having no choice but to comply, how do you go about it?
  8. Your favorite shirt...
  9. In an ideal world, you would obviously lead all with omnipotent authority. What would your subjects do?
  10. You have just pulled out of the drivethru line at Wendy's, only to find your spicy chicken sandwich is absent. How do you proceed?

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