"Twilight" Series Quiz--Minus Breaking Dawn

Are you a crazed fangirl? Are you just getting introduced into the "Twilight" universe? Do you wish Edward was your boyfriend, Alice was your best friend, Emmett was your bodyguard, Jasper was your shrink, and Rosalie was the girl we all love to hate?

Made with questions supplied by TheTwilightSaga.com, here is the ultimate "Twilight" quiz. Test your knowledge of the bestselling vampire love story and see how well you know the book!

Created by: Angela
  1. What kind of vehicle does Charlie buy for Bella?
  2. What is the name of the local Indian tribe?
  3. Jacob Black's family legend claims that they are descended from what creature?
  4. The Indian elders refer to the Cullen family as
  5. How did Edward find Bella in Port Angeles?
  6. According to Edward, which of the following is NOT a vampire myth?
  7. How can Edward be around Bella without being overcome by temptation?
  8. Edward says Bella's scent is
  9. When Bella is telling Jessica about her date, what does she call Edward as a joke because she knows he is listening?
  10. Name the Cullens in order of their induction into the family.
  11. What types of cars do the Cullens drive?
  12. How did Carlisle find Edward before turning him into a vampire?
  13. When and where was Edward born?
  14. Who went with whom to the Spring Dance?
  15. What was Bella's first theory she told Edward about his super-humaness?
  16. Phil got signed to which team?
  17. James lured Bella into a
  18. Why did James go after Bella?
  19. What happens to vampires in the sun?
  20. What is the name of Bella's gym teacher?
  21. What is Bella's new favorite gemstone on Edward's day of questioning?
  22. What does Edward say about darkness?
  23. What is the safest time of day for vampires?
  24. Before their first day together, alone, what does Bella do to keep herself safe?
  25. How old is Carlisle?
  26. Why can't the Cullens go to the beach?
  27. When describing Bella's scent, what does Edward compare it to?
  28. What animals do Emmett and Edward prefer when hunting?
  29. What is the name of the place that Emmett and Edward go to hunt?
  30. Forks is on the
  31. When Bella first arrives in Forks, how does she describe it?
  32. On her first day of school, Bella noticed that the nicest car in the parking lot was a
  33. Jessica tells Bella that Edward doesn't date because
  34. Who did Bella go to Port Angeles with?
  35. What was Bella and Edward's first lab in Biology about?
  36. Charlie surprised Bella on her first snowy morning with
  37. What river do Edward and Bella pass over on the way to his house?
  38. Bella describes meeting Esme like "meeting a fairy tale." Which one?
  39. How did James get Bella's mother's voice to lure her?
  40. Emmett and Edward were able to kill James. How?

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