Twilight 101 Breaking Dawn (book)

This is Quiz 5 of the "Twilight 101 course". It is all about the last in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. From parts of the book, to answers of FAQ, if you can ace this test you will know everything you ever will need to know about Breaking Dawn.

Are you a Twilight genius? Do you know everything about Twilight? Do you want to learn about it all? Twilight 101 is offering a free "Twilight course" -- giving you all of the information you could EVER want about Twilight! Pass each quiz and the final test and you are a GENIUS!

Created by: Haley

  1. What is the title "Breaking Dawn" referring to?
  2. What do the chess pieces resmble?
  3. Why did Stephanie name Bella's child "Renesme"?
  4. What ended up happening to Marcus's wife?
  5. What book was Forever Dawn most alike?
  6. Who was the first wolf to join Jacob's pack?
  7. Who said, "Let me guess, someone around here used to cut hair in a salon in Paris?"
  8. Who said, "Maybe I’m hoping she’ll get irritated and rip your head off."
  9. Who said, "Stop her, Edward. She’ll be unhappy if she hurts him." ?
  10. What special thing does Bella do for Edward at the end of the book?

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