How well do u no twilight

Your think you a fan. well lets just see about that. I designed this quiz for many reasons. the first is to inform people that you can fall in love with a book and you absoutly cant pass up this quiz

Did you know that with this quiz you could potentualy have the knolage to be a twilight fan. but just be carfull cuz u might dicover somthing about your self you would have never known

Created by: Becca

  1. Who is the one person who hates Bella in Edwards family
  2. In end of Eclipse Edward said deals off. What was he refering to?
  3. How much did Edward swerv when he bent over to kiss Bella?
  4. In Breaking Dawn who did Alice send Bella to>
  5. How many people question Bella about her BEFORE car
  6. How many people are in the Cullen family
  7. Complete this line form James in Twilight "Your ______ than the others, but not ______."
  8. How many months was it untill Alice showed up again in New Moon
  9. Of the two bikes that Jacob and Bella fix up, which one dose she get to keep?
  10. In Twilight where do Edward and Bella first kiss?
  11. What is the one thing Bella cant live with out.
  12. On there honymoon, what color was the outfit that Edward likes the most
  13. What is Edwards favorie animal
  14. What dose Bella think Jasper and Emmett are going to do for the batchualr party? (Sorry for my spelling!!)

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