Do You Know The Twilight Series??

Many people claim to be Twilight geniuses. To be a genius on this quiz you have to think like a Cullen. Remember big parts and maybe even the smallest part ever. Some of the questions are as hard as ever from Bella's description to Charlies cooking skills.

Do you know Twilight? Can you go to any person and say I am a twilight genius? Can you remember details of the book that you never thought you would have to know. With this quiz, we will see if you are with the vampires or not.

Created by: Danielle of Funtrivia
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  1. OK People here is an easy one. Who does Bella meet first when she arrives to her first day of school?
  2. Which of the Cullens or Hales does Bella describe as muscled like a serious weight lifter, with dark curly hair? SIMPLE
  3. Another looks contest who does Bella say is short, pixielike, thin in the extreme, with small features, and deep black, cropped short, pointing in every direction hair? We should all know this
  4. Short sweet and to the point and if you get it wrong I would suggest logging out. What class does Bella have after lunch?
  5. What is the 1 thing that Charlie can cook. I really hope you all know this!!!!!
  6. Yes here we go another describe question. OK what does Edwards voice sound like when he FINALLY talks to Bella?
  7. Who almost kills Bella in the school parking lot on the day of the snow?
  8. I skipped a few chapters for this question it is well not my favorite part but it is a great part because i sort of saw this as Bella nad Edwards first date. How does Edward find Bella when she is followed in Port Angels?
  9. Who makes Bella tell them every thing about the night in Port Angels with Edward?
  10. You guys like 'who does Bella describe' questions so much lets have another. I skipped some more chapters again ok now who does Bella describe as if she were meeting snow white in the flesh?
  11. Which 2 vampires take Bella away from forks so she can escape from James(yeah cause that worked out nicely)
  12. Which Cullen or Hale does James know from the past and was almost a victim to him?
  13. Last question what place did Edward take Bella to at the end of the story?

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