How Much Do You Know About the Twilight Series?

The Twilight series is very popular among young adults, but do you actually know what the book is saying? Did you pay attention? This quiz will test how you reflect on your reading. Who knows, you may not have any common sense about the series.

Test your IQ on the Twilight series to see how much you pay attention. There are easy questions but a few semi-difficult ones as well. There may be some spoilers if you haven't read all three books.

Created by: Ty
  1. What is the last name of Jasper?
  2. What year was Edward born(human birth)?
  3. What is Bella's real first name?
  4. What team did Phil sign with?
  5. Where is the other clan of Vampires that are like the Cullens?
  6. What does Edward say Bella smells like?
  7. Where does the Volturi have command(choose the best answer)?
  8. Where did Bella move from?
  9. Who is there for Bella when Edward leaves?
  10. What is Edward's mother's name?
  11. When is Jasper's "Ability" best at work?
  12. What did Esme bring into her "new life?"
  13. Does Edward bite Bella at the end of the first book?
  14. Want kind of car does Jacob build?
  15. Who is supposed to be the chief of the Quileute tribe?
  16. Who has a vengeance against Bella in the first three books?
  17. What animal does Edward resemble?
  18. What animal does Emmett resemble?
  19. What animal does Alice resemble?
  20. Who trades clothes with Bella in attempt to distract James?
  21. How does Jacob torture Edward?
  22. Will Edward and Bella make it through all the trials?
  23. What is Edward's Favorite color on Bella?

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