How much do you know about the Twilight series?

Do you think you know a lot about the Twilight series? Are you super obsessed with this series? Test your knoweledge on Twilight with this easy-to-take test!

Think you know much about the Twilight series? Come find out for yourself to see if you are an absessed Twilight lover! It'll only take a few minutes!

Created by: Rebecca
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  1. When is Edward Cullen's birthday?
  2. In what book do the Volturi first appear?
  3. In what book is this quote said? "You're as white as a ghost- no, you're as white as me!"
  4. How many Cullens are there?
  5. When does the fourth book of Twilight come out?
  6. What is Jacob Black?
  7. Who was Carlisle's first companion?
  8. What was Edward's mother's name?
  9. What color is Bella's truck?
  10. Who says this qoute? "I'm really glad Edward didn't kill you. Everything's so much more fun with you around."
  11. When does the Twilight movie come out?
  12. Are you a crazy, maniatic, freak, loving, weird, awesome obsessed Twilight fan?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Twilight series?