do you have twilight smarts?

Twilight is one of the best seller books on the market. Stephanie Meyer has 5 books out. 4 of them are in the twilight series. She just released "Breaking Dawn", The last book in the series. the books are a truly amazing series that are loved by millions.

Do YOU have Twilight smarts? After you take this quiz you will know. Do you have Twilight posters all over your bedroom? Do you have all the books? Well if you do you will probably get a better score. If you don't well good luck! and remember, no looking at the book if you are taking this quiz!

Created by: catherine
  1. where do Bella and the cullens live
  2. what is Bella's Father's name?
  3. What is Edwards "Fathers" name?
  4. what was Edwards last name before he was turned into a vampire?
  5. How old is Bella in the first book?
  6. what is Bellas Last name?
  7. What did Edwards real parents die from?
  8. What is Edwards two sisters names?
  9. What are Edwards two brothers named
  10. What do The Cullens drink?
  11. What is Jacob Blacks Fathers name?

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Quiz topic: Do I have twilight smarts?