How Well Do You Know Rosalie Hale?

There are thousands of people who call themselves Twihards, but when it come to a characters back story how well do you really know the stars of Twilight?

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Rosalie Hale? Then this is the quiz for you! Test your knowledge on Rosalie's back story and life as a vampire.

Created by: Jaiden
  1. What is Rosalie's middle name?
  2. When was Rosalie born?
  3. When was Rosalie turned?
  4. How old was Rosalie when she was turned?
  5. Who turned Rosalie?
  6. Why did he turn her?
  7. Who is Rosalie's Husband?
  8. Who was Rosalie engaged to in her human life?
  9. What does Rosalie want more than anything?
  10. In what movie do we find out Rosalie's back story?
  11. When did Rosalie find Emmett?
  12. Why did Carlisle originally turn Rosalie?
  13. How many miles did Rosalie carry Emmett?
  14. Who plays Rosalie?
  15. What was Rosalie's name originally supposed to be?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Rosalie Hale?