How well do you know Twilight? (First movie)

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Twilight is a great movie. I know there are those twilight haters, and then there are the twihards. I can confidently say I am a twihard. I love watching the movies, although they have gotten cheesier as the saga goes on, i still love them.

So if you are a twihard, you know the details about twilight. lets see if you can remember all the way back to the first movie (can you believe it was in 2008?? that seems so long ago!) Anyway, please enjoy the quiz!

Created by: kim1499

  1. In the beginning of the movie, Charlie says, 'your hair got long...' what is bella's reply?
  2. Who almost kills bella on that icy day in the parking lot when Edward tries to save her?
  3. Which of the cullens did NOT like bella?
  4. What did bella's prom dress look like?
  5. What is Edward's excuse for his eyes that changed color when bella noticed at school?
  6. Who is one of Charlie's best friends?
  7. Where does bella meet james?
  8. Which car types are seen in the movie?
  9. where do edward and bella have their first kiss?
  10. When edward says he is a vampire, he says, "are you afraid?" and bella says,
  11. Done with the quiz!! Please please comment and rate??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight? (First movie)