favorite movie quiz

What movie fits your personality best? Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Twilight, or, Thor. If you are smart and dramatic you will probably get Twilight.

Are you flexible, funny, brave, smart, you will probably have a good result. In while you will find out all of those things .

Created by: ava
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  1. If you planed on a day trip for 2 months and found out that your mom didn't buy the tickets you would
  2. your sister just got run over a car and you were racing home when you got glass in your foot you
  3. you got a TV in your room you
  4. your best friend moved away were there's NO CABLE
  5. someone cheated on your test and you got an A+
  6. your brother ruined your favorite shirt you
  7. your brother begs you to let him sleep in your room you
  8. your favorite color
  9. favorite song
  10. favorite ice cream

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