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Hi thanks for taking interest in my quiz,Lets see how much YOU really know about movies,PLUS with your results comes a really really cool movie fact(i hope you like them,i looked them up just for you) :D

Good luck,please(if you want)comment or rate my quiz.Oh and please if you comment along with your comment tell us what your favorite movie is.Thanks Again

Created by: EmilyFilmfan
  1. the movie ''Schindler's List'' was filmed in black and white. Is that True or False?
  2. how many movies are in the ''Die Hard'' series?
  3. the movie ''Alien'' won how many Oscars ?
  4. which film listed below did Steven Spielberg NOT direct?
  5. which movie made more money?(in box-office results)
  6. did Alic Baldwin star in the movie ''Working Girl'' ?
  7. what year did Tim Burton's version of ''Batman'' get released into theaters?
  8. who was the producer of ''Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'' ?
  9. movies like ''the Hangover'' ,''Scary Movie 2'' and ''Epic Movie'' are considered.....
  10. what is the first movie Robert De Niro acted in?
  11. what movie won the award for Best Picture at the Oscars last year?(2010)
  12. which one of these actors never played the role of James Bond?
  13. who is James Ivory?
  14. this quote is from what movie? ''Life all comes down to a few moments.This is one of them.''
  15. the movie''Gone With the Wind'' was how long?
  16. whats does C.G.I stand for?(i know it could stand for many things but,in the movie industry)?
  17. in the ''X men'' films who plays the character of Mystique ?
  18. who voices the character of Yoda in the Star Wars films?
  19. the actress Helena Bonham Carter won how many Oscars for the film''The Wings of the Dove''
  20. what movie is this quote from? ''My idea has always been that if we could bring the mothers of the various nations together,then there would be no more war''.

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