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There are not many people who know a lot about films? Do you dare to take my film quiz? my quiz is a fun but someimes tricky quiz about modern and classic films. Test your knowledge and see if you really do know all there is to know about films.

Try out my movie quiz it will only take a few minutes and lets see how much you really know! Be prepared to be tested on the best movie trivia there is. Good luck and have fun.

Created by: julie
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  1. Brad Pitt stared in Oceans Eleven with Julia Roberts. Can you name one other film that they stared in together?
  2. Which film has the character Mikey Walsh?
  3. "My name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die" is from which film?
  4. Which film was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott?
  5. In the film Happy Feet Nicole Kidman does the voice for which character?
  6. Whats is Patrick Swayze charcetr name in Dirty Dancing?
  7. In look whos talking now which actors provide the voices for the pet dogs? can you name one?
  8. Which of these films is a James Bond film staring Roger Moore? Pick one
  9. Pedro Almodóvar is from which country?
  10. "I'm a girl just standing infront of a boy asking him to love me" comes from which film?
  11. What was the first Luc Besson film with English dialogue as the main langauge?
  12. What is Al Pacino's character name in Scarface?
  13. Who killed Cotton Weary in Scream 3?
  14. In the film Four Room who wrote and directed the room 'The Misbehaviours'?
  15. In teh film Goal which football team does Santiago Munez travel to play for?
  16. The breaksfast club was directed by John Hughes but which other film did he direct in 1985?
  17. Who plays the pasrt of Henry Hill in Goodfellas?
  18. In love actually Emma Thompson's character is married which actor?
  19. In the film March of the Penguins who provides the voice over in the English version throughout the film?
  20. *WORTH 2 POINTS* What is the name of the taxi driver in Luc Bessons film Taxi?
  21. *WORTH 2 POINTS* Who did Haley Joel Osment play in the film the sixth sense?
  22. *WORTH 2 POINTS* Which film stared both Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd?
  23. *WORTH 2 POINTS* How many Actors have played James Bond?

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