What movie are you?

Many people like movies. Ever wonder what movie you would be? Take this test to see what movie you are. Based on your answers, I can determine what movie you would be if you were not a human. Hope you like the quiz.

Are you a movie fan? Ever wonder what movie you remind people of? Ever wonder what movie you would be if you were one? Find out in just a few minutes by taking this quiz.

Created by: ryan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is your favorite actor?
  2. Do you like bloody movies?
  3. Whats your favorite color?
  4. Whats your favorite type of movie?
  5. When do you watch movies?
  6. What music do you like the most?
  7. What's your favorite sport?
  8. Do you perfer Soda or Water?
  9. How much do you weigh? ( pounds )
  10. How many times a month do you go to a movie theatre?

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Quiz topic: What movie am I?