How Well Do You Know The Movie Thirteen?

This is a quiz based on the movie Thirteen. Alot of people like this movie and have watched it but there are only some people who are true hardcore fans and can answer any question concerning this movie.

Are you a true Thirteen movie genuis? Are you armed with the right answers to any question that will be asked about the movie and the characters? If so, take this fun quiz and let's see just how much of a thirteen movie genuis you really are.

Created by: MissJada of Myspace
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  1. What is Evie's last name?
  2. What is Tracey's middle name?
  3. Name the boy Tracey made out with at Evie's house.
  4. Who was Brady going out with?
  5. What did Tracey secretly do?
  6. Name Evie's guardian.
  7. Who did Tracey dislike?
  8. Name Tracey's dad.
  9. Name the boy Evie snuck off with at Tracey's house.
  10. Name Tracey's Brother.
  11. Who did Tracey and Evie make out with?
  12. Who plays Tracey?
  13. Why was Evie angry at the end of the movie?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Movie Thirteen?