What Thirteen Movie Character Are You Most Like?

You may be a fan of the movie Thirteen but it could be possible that you also possess the same characteristics as Evie or Tracey.Take this quiz to see if you're like one of these girls!

Are you like Evie? dangerous, wild,A leader.Or are you more like Tracey? A girl who tries to be what she's not just for a shot at popularity. Find out the answer.

Created by: MissJada
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  1. When you're with friends do you?
  2. You're at a party and drugs are offered, how do you react?
  3. A friend of the same sex tries to kiss you, do you?
  4. Your friend decides to wear a revealing outfit to get the boys attention so you..
  5. Your mom tells you you're grounded and you decide to
  6. You get arrested for something your friend did,what will you do?
  7. That really cute guy is your friend's boyfriend but he tries to get with you behind her back, you
  8. An older guy offers to take you out, you're response will be
  9. How do you feel about being nude in front of other people?
  10. Are you the one who usually leads the crowd?

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Quiz topic: What Thirteen Movie Character am I Most Like?