Movie Trivia #2

As all of my loyal movie readers know, I strive to make my Movie Blog as comprehensive, enjoyable and informative as possible. Welcome to the second installment of Movie Trivia, where you can test your movie know how with the best of 'em!

Take the quiz and prove, once and for all, that you a re movie genius! And remember to keep reading my movie blog, to remain up to dat eon the latest reviews, news and cinematic happenings!

Created by: Jamey DuVall
  1. Which filmmaker was originally attached to direct "American Psycho"?
  2. Which actor was originally attached to star in this version of "American Psycho"?
  3. Which Akira Kurosawa film served as the inspirational basis for "Star Wars"?
  4. Who sang "Blame Canada" during the Oscar ceremonies the year it was nominated for Best Song?
  5. Wich is not a film directed by Gary Fleder?
  6. What artist's work is used in the opening credits of "Last Tango in Paris"?
  7. Michael Mann's "Heat" is based on what made-for-TV movie?
  8. How many Oscars has Robert Altman won (including his honorary Oscar)?
  9. What substance did Alfred Hitchcock use to simulate blood during the shower scene of "Psycho"?
  10. Which actor (who passed away on September 12, 1992) had a widow who was killed almost exactly nine years later in a plane that hit the World Trade Center?

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