Movie Knowledge Quiz #1

As all of my loyal readers know, I strive to make my Movie Blog as comprehensive, enjoyable and informative as possible. Welcome to the first installment of Movie Trivia, where you can test your movie know how in a series of weekly quizzes!

Are you a movie genius? Take the quiz below to find out! You'll find trivia on directors, actors, name it, I ask it! Take a good deep breath and get to work! I have faith in all of you! Good luck!

Created by: Jamey DuVall of MySpace
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  1. What was the original script title of "Citizen Kane"?
  2. Which actor turned down the leading roles in "Apocalypse Now", "Kramer vs. Kramer", "Die Hard" and "Pretty Woman"?
  3. Who was the most often discussed leading contender to direct "SpiderMan" for many years before Sam Raimi took over?
  4. How many Oscars did Walt Disney personally win?
  5. Director Steven Kloves has completed two feature films as a director. His first film was "The Fabulous Baker Boys". What was his follow-up?
  6. How many Oscars did "Citizen Kane" win?
  7. How many Oscars has Oliver Stone won?
  8. Which director's works appear more than any other in AFI's Top 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All Time list?
  9. What was Tim Burton's first job in the industry after graduating from College?
  10. Who chose David Lynch to direct "The Elephant Man"?

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