Think You Know Your Movies Huh?

Watch Movies ? Love Movies ? Think you know your movies ? Challenge your movie knowledge up against the movie master. SO many people think they know so much , please prove to me that you are not like the average joe and show me you know your information

So you've been courgious enough to try to attempt this harsh and intense movie knowledge quiz , well i bare good luck to you, but i will warn you , you can't beat the movie master lol

Created by: Jake

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  1. In Beetlejuice, where did Adam and Barbara plan their vacation, before dying
  2. Which Movie won the Oscar for Best Picture for 1991 ?
  3. In The Nightmare on Elm Street Series, What was Freddy's nickname
  4. Which film is this famous quote from ?? " They're Here"
  5. What is the name of Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill ?
  6. Which Director is nicknamed The Master of Suspense ?
  7. What is the name of the "basketcase" in the Breakfast Club ?
  8. Which movie has Jack Nicholson playing a character who is a rebel who decides to go to a mental institution instead of prison ? (Hint- Winner of Best Picture, Director, Actor,Actress, and Screenplay !!)
  9. Which Famous Director , directed Goodfellas , Casino, and The Last Temptation of Christ
  10. Who Is The Killer in Friday The 13th ?
  11. WHO is The Movie Master

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Quiz topic: Think You Know my Movies Huh?