Movie Knowledge Test

You think you know movies? You might not know how much you miss when you are watching a movie. Try this test and see if you know some very hard questions about movies you might have seen.

Somewhere out there is someone that may be as super smart as me in obscure movie knowledge. Could that person be you? Try the test out and see. Can you remember names of characters on your favorite movies, or do you just remember the action. Lets see what the results will be.

Created by: Dr.J
  1. Who was the original Killer in the Friday the 13th movies?
  2. What was the last line said in the classic movie "Citizen Kane"
  3. Given the answer to the previous question, what significance does that line have with Kane.
  4. Solient Green is made up of...?
  5. Who is Johnnie 5?
  6. What was the first exotic animal bought by Dante on "Grandma's Boy"?
  7. What movie was featured the actor who made Mr. Bean famous, and it was his first major talking role.
  8. Name the actor whose first movie was titled "Hollywood Knights"
  9. In the movie Boondock Saint's, as the two brothers and Rocco enter into the strip joint, what does the sign say on the door?
  10. In "Tombstone", Val Kilmer, playing Doc Holliday, answers Wyatt Earp's suggestion to Johnnie Ringo that he Doc is drunk, by saying what line
  11. What well known actor played Tuff Hedeman in the Movie "8 seconds"?
  12. What popular candy was featured in the movie ET
  13. What was Tom Hanks character name in Saving private ryan?
  14. What was the fiance of Tom hanks character in "Castaway" doing when he came home for christmas?
  15. In the movie "The Toy", Richard Prior works as the play toy for a rich kid. What was the Rich father's name?
  16. In the movie "The Horse Whisperer" Robert Redford conforts a horse who suffered what experience...
  17. What was John Wayne's real first name
  18. What was Arnold Swartzennegar's First film in America?
  19. What was the name of the toy store in "Mallrats"
  20. In "Clerks 2" it is never ok to do what....
  21. What scene was'nt originally shot during the making of Caddyshack, and had to be shot after final shotting.
  22. What movie was the following line from.."First you wanna kill me, then you wanna kiss me. Blow!"
  23. John Wayne starred in a movie shot in Baytown, Texas. What was his character's name?

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