Silent Movie & Star Trivia

There are many smart people but few are true silent movie geniuses. What is a genuis? It is someone with a clever mind and is able to solve silent movie trivia.

Are YOU the smartest person when it comes to silents? Test your trivia and find out now. Dont forget to post your score on our site so we can see how you enjoyed it and who all took it. We are excited to bring you this silent quiz

Created by: SMG
  1. The First public projection of a movie was in what year?
  2. Where was the first public projection of a movie was in..
  3. What year did Chaplin debut as the "Little Tramp"?
  4. Which film was among the top grossing silent films?
  5. Who was this quote about? "Greatest single piece of acting ever commited to celluloid"
  6. Which of these silent movie are NOT considered lost?
  7. Mary Pickford's final movie was?
  8. Name one movie not released in the Sound era?
  9. Who played the character "Lonsome Luke"
  10. Who was born in Kansas?
  11. Who directed Lon Chaney in The Unknown
  12. Who did Joan Crawford stand in for as a double in Lady of the night?

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