Movie Trivia #3

There are many smart people, but few true movie geniuses. Genius is, after all, quite exceptional. A movie genius must know quotes, production facts, box office tallies and even on set gossip to truly consider themselves part of the elite!

Do you have what it takes to compete? If you think you do, then bravely march forward and take the third trivia installment of Jamey's Movie Blog! And while you're at the blog site, check out the many terrific reviews, news updates, trivia games and feature stories-- all devoted to the love of film!

Created by: Jamey DuVall
  1. Who invented the PG-13 rating?
  2. Which of these films was not directed by Bernardo Bertolucci?
  3. Who killed Laura Palmer?
  4. The prominent use of the letter "X" in Scorsese's "The Departed" is a direct homage to what classic film?
  5. Which of the following is not on Terrance Malick's resume?
  6. Which of these actors originally had a role in "Eyes Wide Shut" but backed out due to shooting delays?
  7. Which of these actresses were oringally in "Eyes Wide Shut", only to be replaced due to scheduling conflicts?
  8. Who is Albert Brooks' real-life brother?
  9. Who is Jennifer Jason Leigh's father?
  10. Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film "There Will Be Blood" originally had what title?

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