Which Movie Director are you like?

All those awesome movie directors.. Have you ever wanted to be a movie director? Take this quiz and find out which famous movie director you are most like.

Are you Michael Bay, Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan or Steven Spielberg. Answer this quiz truthfully and find out!!!!!!!!

Created by: Tom
  1. Which movie would you rather direct?
  2. If your movie got great ratings and made a lot of money, would you make sequels?
  3. In your own style, how would you direct a movie?
  4. If there is one thing that sucks about my movie, it would be:
  5. Which movie is the worst out of these?
  6. How many characters would you kill off in a movie?
  7. Which Director inspires you the most?
  8. Which actor would be the main character in your movie?
  9. Who is your least favourite director?
  10. Amazing Special Effects with awesome action or Great Dramatic Storyline?

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Quiz topic: Which Movie Director am I like?