Could You Direct a Movie?

Directing is something many people take for granted. Many people want to act, but there are few that are interested in the art of directing. The director has to run the whole movie- and make it great!

Are you one of these awesome directors? Could you run a movie as easily as some people could act in it? Take this quiz to find out if you are a true leader!

Created by: mag_pie04

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  1. You're directing a movie, and it's chaos on the set. Everyone's running around getting nothing done, and you don't have much time. You...
  2. Are you more of a leader or follower in your friend group?
  3. When you get an idea, do you speak up?
  4. Have you ever directed a movie or play with friends?
  5. Are you a perfectionist?
  6. Do you like to write?
  7. If someone close to you described you, which out of these do you think they would say?
  8. Do you like patterns?
  9. Overall, do you think you are a relatively positive person?
  10. Would other people describe you as positive?
  11. Are you patient?
  12. Do you like to lead others?
  13. Would you like to direct a movie?
  14. Do you ever give up?
  15. And finally, are you organized?

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