The Goonies is an extremely popular adventure movie from the 80s. Everyone knows and loves it. But, do you really know and love it? How much attention have you really granted this classic movie?

Are you a Goonies fan? Try to beat the tough questions in this quiz and then, maybe you'll earn a bit of respect among 80s movie buffs! I emphasize MAYBE!

Created by: shannon oliver
  1. In the beginning credits what is the character Stephanie doing during poilce chase?
  2. How many lawnmower jobs did it take Bran to pay for the bike that Mouth flattens the tires on?
  3. When riding their bikes down the hill, two of the goonies wreck into each other when they stop the first time... which two?
  4. Which three landmarks are represented by the three holes in the dubloon?
  5. Stephanie says what when Andie when is daydreaming over Bran while the gooines are busting a hole in the fire place?
  6. What does Chunk say Sloth smells like when they first meet?
  7. What does Data use to slow the Fratellis across the log bridge?
  8. What does Mikey tell the goonies to save for Willie while they are on the pirate ship collecting treasure?
  9. Where does Mouth hide some of his treasure but Mama Fratellis finds it anyway?
  10. Which gooine punches a Fratellis?
  11. What does Data say the scariest part of their adventure is when talking to reporters on the beach?
  12. What does Chunk protect Sloth with when the cops start to arrest the Fratellis?
  13. What is Mikey and Brans last name?
  14. Where is Astoria?

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