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Family GUy. Probably the funniest show on television. I love it, you probably love it since you clicked the link to take the quiz. I compiled this quiz to test your family guy IQ, and I think it's a challenge.

Can you ace my devilish compilation of Family Guy trivia? It is designed to test all family guy fans, from Super Easy questions that you can get after watching the show once, Easy questions require a little though, but not much, Medium questions might require thought about a certain episode, Hard ones are more in-depth, and Super Hard questions require you to remember specific facts about certain episodes, or know about background info.

Created by: pat

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  1. Difficulty- Super Easy Peter (now) works in the...
  2. Dif.Easy Who is NOT one of Peter's bar buddies
  3. Easy Quagmire's first name is
  4. (dif Medium) In the episode "Lois Kills Stewie", who kills Stewie
  5. (Medium) Which of these was not a Family Guy episode
  6. Super Easy- Stewie is _ years old
  7. Hard- Who is Bertram?
  8. Medium- Peter killed ___________ at Fishstench Cove
  9. Super Hard- stewie Battled Osama bin Laden in the episode
  10. Super Easy- Who won the fight in the prev. question
  11. Hard If Peter could sleep with anyone in the world, who would it be
  12. Super Hard Which season had the most episodes
  13. Super Hard Which of these events did NOT happen in the next 30 years
  14. Super Easy- Chris is always being tormented by a(n)
  15. Easy- Brian HAD a retarded girlfriend named
  16. Hard- Peter replaced his alcohol addiction with what in "Peter's 2 Dads"
  17. Super Hard- (Grand Finale) THe First Episode of Family Guy was called

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