Chicago Fire s01e02 Quiz

The name pretty much explains it. This is a quiz to test your knowledge on Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 2 Monomour. (Please, watch the episode before you take this quiz, but most importantly, have fun.

This quiz will be about specific things that happen in this episode. There are 20 questions, that are either multiple choice, or true false. Have fun taking this quiz, and please remember to rate this quiz, and leave any comments, that could be helpful.

Created by: Kassidy

  1. When Heather saw Severide at the beginning of the episode , what did she say to him?
  2. The man inside saved the kitchen from burning down, and was called a hero by Casey.
  3. What did Otis say to him once they were outside?
  4. Why did Severide yell at Mills?
  5. Severide tried to work a shift on the day of the barbecue, but was told no by Bodin.
  6. When Otis asked why there was a goat on the truck, what was Casey's response?
  7. When Herman arrived back at the station, what did he do?
  8. When Nicky the knew assistant came in, Bodin told every one to treat her as she was their own?
  9. The mans foot was stuck, so a trauma surgeon had to be called, so the foot could be amputated.
  10. Since the trauma surgeon didn't arrive, Severide was forced to amputate the foot himself.
  11. At the white board session, what did the chief say would have prevented the fire from going up stairs?
  12. Severide gives himself another injection of tourdoll that Shay gave him off of the ambulance.
  13. At the battery call, a very intoxicated man grabbed Shay's but.
  14. Otis tells a girl at the barbecue that Mills is the fire commitioner.
  15. At the barbecue, Heather continues to blame Severide for Dardin's death.
  16. When Nicky asked Severide how long he had been a firefighter, what was his response?
  17. Otis convinces the chief to change the goat crest to something else.
  18. Both girls survived the car crash.
  19. Mat and Hailey get back together.
  20. When Severide took the man to see his wife, he said he couldn't live a day with out her.

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