How much do you know about Chicago

You are maybe from Chicago, maybe not. But test your knowledge here, and you will find out. You can do this dude, I believe in you. So go get it!

You can be a genius. Are you a genius. Test your know how about Chicago and kick ass in this test. Lets hope you can do it dude, in a few minutes, you will know.

Created by: Harrison

  1. What is the city's nickname?
  2. What was the tragic event that occured and burned down the old chicago.(Hint:It had to do with wood?)
  3. And when did that (event) take place?
  4. What do Chicago make that Califonia and Hawaii disgraced?
  5. What do you normally not put on a hog dog?
  6. Who was the famous gangster who's name began with "al"?
  7. Which is the baseball team?
  8. What are the two cities bigger than Chicago?
  9. To prove you're not an idiot, where is Chicago?
  10. Who here was born in Chicago

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Chicago