How Chicago are you?

Chicago is one of the great cities of the world. So much so, in fact, that many people claim to be from here when in fact they don't know the difference between a Chicago Hot Dog and a Chicago Bear!

Do you? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of the city, it's neighborhoods and it's people. Test your knowledge of landmarks, geography, sports history and food!

Created by: The Geek

  1. How do you refer to a carbonated beverage?
  2. Where to the Bears play their home games?
  3. How to you refer to the Interstate Highways that criss cross the city?
  4. What intersection marks the "0" address point in Chicago?
  5. What is the best thing to come out of the state of Wisconsin?
  6. Where am I most likely to get myself robbed?
  7. Why is O'Hare International Airport's code ORD?
  8. What event would make you the happiest?
  9. What direction does traffic travel on Wacker Drive
  10. During Friday afternoon rush hour, how long should it take you to get from the Ontario Street feeder ramp to O'Hare?
  11. Which of the following will you find on a Chicago Hot Dog?
  12. Which of the following players was NOT on the 1986 Bears Super Bowl Champion team?
  13. Which of the following schools is NOT within the city limits of Chicago?
  14. If you find yourself standing on the corner of Taylor and Racine, what neighborhood have you entered?
  15. Which of the following person were NEVER Mayor of Chicago
  16. What famous Chicago landmark was featured in the opening credits of "Married with Children"
  17. What happens to the Chicago River during St. Patrick's Day?
  18. During the SUMMER months, what is the speed limit on Lake Shore Drive?
  19. Which of the following movies was not filmed in Chicago?
  20. What is Chicago's nickname?
  21. The Social Security Administration Building on the near west side features a sculpture of a piece of athletic equipment. What is it?
  22. According to ledgend, who started the Great Chicago Fire?
  23. And what year was that fire?

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