How Chicago are you?

People like to say they know Chicago, but few truly appreciate the bountiful gifts this fine city has to offer. True Chicagoans know their sports and their transportation, as well as a little bit about history, right?

Find out if you know as much as you think you do. Do you know your Pierzynski from your Pierogi? Are you REALLY Chicago, or are you just a Trixie who doesn't know anything about this fine city?

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Chicago is called the "Windy City." Why?
it's windy
windbag citizens loudly proclaimed the virtues of Chicago and the Columbian Exposition
it's cold and people like to complain
because Richard Daley said so
The Coach of the 1985 Chicago Bears was
Brian Urlacher
Mike Ditka
William Perry
Harold Washington
Mrs. O'Leary's cow caused the Great Chicago Fire.
Who was the first (and so far only) female mayor of Chicago?
Oprah Winfrey
Judy Baar Topinka
Dawn Clark Netsch
Jane Byrne
What is the main interstate highway due westward from the Loop?
the Ike
the Eisenhower
They called him Sweetness and he liked to dance. Who is he?
John Cusack
Walter Payton
Michael Jordan
Jay Mariotti
Chicago style pizza
has big floppy slices that you fold while eating
has thick crust and cheese on top
has thick crust and sauce on top
there's no such thing
Who was Wesley Willis?
an unsuccessful candidate for mayor who was defeated by Richard M. Daley
a little-known punter who played for the Bears in the 1970s
a successful real estate developer who spearheaded many loft conversions
a brilliant schizophrenic songwriter and performer
What is the Curse of the Billy Goat?
the sick feeling you get after eating bad hamburgers
a very bad hair day
an old Venezuelan hex Ozzie Guillen put on the Chicago Sun Times
the curse of a Greek tavern owner, which has prevented the Cubs from winning the World Series
Current Chicago White Sox Pitchers include
Javier Vazquez, Jon Garland, Bobby Jenks, Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras, Freddy Garcia, Neal Cotts, Brian Fuentes
Mark Buehrle, Matt Thornton, Al Capone, Potter Palmer
Chicago neighborhoods include
Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Wheaton, Cicero
Pilsen, Logan Square, Hyde Park, Rogers Park
Humboldt Park, Marquette Park, Jefferson Park, Forest Park
Andersonville, Lemont, Berwyn, Five Points
Which color does not correspond to an El line?
What was the former home of the Chicago Bulls?
Chicago Stadium
Comiskey Park
United Stadium
Wrigley Center

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