Are you Chicago inside?

There are a ton of people who will tell you they are from Chicago. Listen up- Aurora is NOT Chicago. Sorry Wayne. Sorry Garth. Chicago is an attitude as much as it is a city. You get the attitude from the city.

Do YOU bleed Chicago? Are you lounging at Earwax before a trip to Reckless? Heading to the Empty Bottle tonight? Or maybe you're going for a stroll in Millennium Park? Was that all Chinese to you? Go back to New York.

Created by: Gene
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  1. The following sports team does not play in Chicago
  2. The following condiment does NOT belong on a hot dog-
  3. If you are trying to get to Promontory Point from the northside for a picnic at the beach and you're taking public transportation, how would you get there?
  4. The Cubs last won the World Series in ____?
  5. The following band is not actually from Chicago-
  6. Which of the following is not a neighborhood in Chicago
  7. What side of town are you from?
  8. What number did Michael Jordan wear after coming out of retirement the first time?
  9. Which is NOT the nickname of a Chicago sports legend?
  10. This movie was filmed in Chicago
  11. Where is the best place to see live jazz in Chicago?
  12. Your first concert was probably at
  13. A run in with the cops usually involves
  14. You're going to the zoo. Which one?
  15. You have never been to ______
  16. Which means the least to you?
  17. Who do you hate the most?
  18. Why is Chicago nicknamed the Windy City?

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Quiz topic: Am I Chicago inside?