How Chicago are you?

There are many people in the United States, but Chicago-ans are better than anyother people. What makes a true Chicago-an? You need to learn the stone cold true facts about your coolness rate. Poeple from Chicago are cool, calm, and collected. Are you Chicago material? Take our quiz to find out.

Do you have what it takes to survive in the big city of Chicago? Can you fit in with all the cool people, or will they rule you out? Are you Chicago material? Can you make it in the fast moving world of reality- the Windy City? The true facts are behind this quiz...take it and find out.

Created by: Latisha

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  1. Are you afraid of or hate traffic?
  2. Are you a big spender?
  3. Are you fashionable and stylish?
  4. Do you like being in large crowds of people?
  5. True/False...John Hancock Building is the tallest building in Chicago.
  6. Would you rather be in the hot sun or freezing snow?
  7. Are you racist?
  8. Where do you currently live?
  9. Why is Chicago called the Windy City?
  10. True/False. Chicago is located by Lake Michigan.

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Quiz topic: How Chicago am I?