How Chicago are you?

People are from all over the world, but only one city houses the greatest people in the world. Not Hollywood, but Chicago! Many legends have come out of The Windy City, however, it goes unappreciated.

How Chicago are you? Forget about Boston, Pittsburgh, LA. Chicago is the greatest city in the US, maybe the world. Let's see how YOU stack up against Chicago's finest quiz!

Created by: Fritz

  1. What is your favorite football team?
  2. What is your favorite baseball team?
  3. Which of these landmarks is your favorite?
  4. How do you say the word "Chicago"?
  5. What do you have on your hotdogs?
  6. What is your favorite work of art by Pablo Picasso?
  7. What field do the Sox play on?
  8. If I said, "Do you take the L to work?" you would say:
  9. Who was the greatest basketball player ever?
  10. What is your ideal weather?

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Quiz topic: How Chicago am I?