Are you a Chicago South Sider?

This quiz is for those to check to see if they have truly have roots south of Madison Avenue in Chicago, to see if they are true South Siders. To see if you have the attitude, along with the talk. So, take this assessment of your roots. It will take only a few minutes, if that! (This quiz is just for fun!).

So, please take this quiz to see if you know more about the South Side than just the lyrics to Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," as in: "The South Side of Chicago is the baddest part of town ..."

Created by: dean patrick

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  1. How do you pronounce 'South Side'
  2. Have you ever done the pub crawl of Western Avenue?
  3. How do you pronounce 'beer'?
  4. Who is your favorite baseball team?
  5. What do you call the neighborhood you grew up in?
  6. The South Side hardly ever gets any respect from the local media because:
  7. What's the Bat Troom?
  8. Bartman was:
  9. A typical South Sider:
  10. Bachelor's Grove is:
  11. Which is closest to the way you pronounce Chicago?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Chicago South Sider?