Are you a true West Sider?

This quiz was made to test your knowledge of west side and to see if you truly are a west sider, If you live in west side and knows waht goes down than this quiz would have been easy..........

Are you a true west sider? do you know everything about west side? Do you have the right to have the title of a west sider? Take this quiz to find out.........

Created by: Nick Boyle
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  1. have you ever been "back the woods"
  2. what is "The Circle"
  3. Have you ever pumped a tap
  4. how many parties have you been to?
  5. Are u in k-unit?
  6. Do you know Anthony Piazza "P"
  7. Have you ever went crusin at night?
  8. where do you goto school?
  9. Have you ever ran from the police?
  10. Have you ever been to step falls,black bridge, etc.
  11. what is the standard beer for a party "back the woods"
  12. what is PQ?
  13. have you ever been to "The campout"?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true West Sider?