how west virginian are you?

There are very few true West Virginians if you take this quiz we can show you if you are one of the true few. (take this quiz to check and see.) (and if you see any coon bring it on home <3)

ARE YOU A TRUE WEST VIRGINIAN ;; well take this quiz to see, and if you fail then you are a stupid yankee. (and believe me answer correctly or you will hate yourself.)

Created by: chantel

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  1. do you like beer?
  2. do you believe in killing things that get into your way while driving?
  3. do you like to hunt?
  4. do you like jerry springer?
  5. what would you do if you were to walk in on your best friend having sex with your man/woman?
  6. do you like to ride fourwheelers?
  7. would you be the family reunion that has beer or pop?
  8. do you like trucks?
  9. did the south win?
  10. is the south gonna rise again?
  11. what is the next verse? spent my dollar

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Quiz topic: How west virginian am I?