How Virginia are you?

There are many out there that claim to be from Virginia. What is a true Virginian? Someone who takes care of bizznezz. Reppin' the top of the south and the bottom of the north. Someone who throws 2 up, 2 down baby!

Are you a Virginian? Do you rep the country? Are you allowed to put two fingaz up and two down? Until now, you could only wonder if. Well, thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: ShoK
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  1. Name 2 major college football universities in Virginia.
  2. Name 3 hip-hop producers from Virginia
  3. Name 4 major cities in Virginia.
  4. What is Virginia's state bird?
  5. What Virginia city was the National Basketball Development League's first team, The "blank" Dazzle.
  6. What is the mascot for the University Of Virginia?
  7. What is the mascot for Virginia Tech?
  8. Who is the current U.S. senate from Virginia?
  9. What is the name of the head football coach of the Virginia Tech football team?
  10. Name 3 rappers from Virginia.
  11. Name 2 r&b artist from Virginia.
  12. Finish the phrase..."Virginia is for _________".
  13. What University's basketball team went to the NCAA men's basketball tournament, last year, for the first time in over 30 years?
  14. Name the twins from Roanoke, Va. that both play in the NFL, right now.
  15. What is the most violent city in Virginia?
  16. Name 2 states that border Virginia.

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Quiz topic: How Virginia am I?