How West Virginia Are You???

Are you a full on hillbilly?? Take this quiz, and by just answering a few questions you will know if the wild and wonderful west Virginia is in your blood or not.

Not many true hillbillys are left and if you want to help save the population.. Take this quiz right now before you run out of time... Ready 1 2 3 GO!!!

Created by: jessica
  1. Do you say words and phrases such as "ain't", "them there", or "ya'll come back now, ya hear??
  2. Have you ever seen an ex gf/bf at a family reunion??
  3. Would you rather...
  4. Do you like wvu football/basketball??
  5. Have you ever seen the movie"wrong turn" or "deliverance" ??
  6. Have you ever scraped your dinner from the road??
  7. What is your favorite color??
  8. Do you have a good education?
  9. If you could, which of these would you own?
  10. Do you think you have ever seen the mothman??

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Quiz topic: How West Virginia am I???