How Virginia are you?

There are a lot of people out here who want to claim Virginia as home. Well, what does it take to be a true Virginian? Gotta throw 2 up, 2 down? How do you know if you can rep VA to the fullest?

Are you from Virginia? Do you know that we are the top of the south and the bottom of the north? How do you claim VA? Don't worry, thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out all the answers!

Created by: ShoK
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  1. What is the Virginia Tech mascot?
  2. What is the University Of Virginia's mascot?
  3. What is Virginia's state bird?
  4. What is the name of the recent U.S. senate, from Virginia?
  5. What r&b singer is from Virginia?
  6. What rapper is from Virginia?
  7. What music producer is from Virginia?
  8. Finish the slogan...Virginia is for _______?
  9. Virginia is a ...
  10. Which state borders Virginia?
  11. What is the head football coach's name for Virginia Tech? (2006)
  12. What top 25 team did the University Of Virginia basketball team recently defeat? (2006)
  13. What is the state flower?
  14. Whats the slang term for VA? How do you make ya fingaz work.

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Quiz topic: How Virginia am I?