How Virginia Beach Are You?

There are many great cities with Virginia, but few are like Virginia Beach. VA Beach has a unique history and pace of life. Many tourist come here in the summer and claim they know beach life... but they don't!

Do you know beach life or are you just a tourist? Take this quiz to prove how Virginia Beach you really are... if you score as a tourist we expect you to move to Suffolk!

Created by: Bridgette LaQue
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  1. Where exactly does the North end of the beach start?
  2. How many exits off of 264 are for "Princess Anne"
  3. What bar was famous for their Friday night beach parties?
  4. Does Princess Anne intersect itself?
  5. If you are a family with kids, what school district would you want to live in?
  6. What was the name of the old toll road on 264?
  7. which hotel at the Ocean front (Atlantic) boasts the tallest building?
  8. The area of beach between the Lesner Bridge and Ft. Story is referred to as ________ beach?
  9. What is the name of the last festival of the summer at the Ocean Front?
  10. How many military bases have a Virginia Beach address?
  11. Was the light house at Fort Story the first in the nation to be federally commissioned?
  12. What hot spot can you find $1 Corona's on a Thursday evening?
  13. The land in which the Ampitheater resides use to be what type of farm?

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Quiz topic: How Virginia Beach am I?